The PWT delivers water and solids recovery using a low-temperature, thermal distillation process, undertaken at ambient pressure.

Figure 1: 25m3/day Demonstration Unit

The unique combination of ambient pressure systems and low temperature operation allows this novel technology to deliver unmatched capital and operational expenditure.

Figure 2: 250m3/day Commercial Unit

The technology has been specifically designed to handle high Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and highly saline input streams that many of today’s water and solids treatment technologies cannot process.

Figure 3: 1,000m3/day Commercial Plant

The PWT’s capacity to induce solids precipitation through our evaporative processes is a facet of the technology particularly advantageous where, as in the case of brine streams, the solids recovered have commercial value.

The PWT provides a modular design which enables its integration, both in scale and footprint, with existing wastewater treatment or water and solids recovery facilities.