About Us

Phoenix Water is an industrial technology company, focused on creating world-class applications in water and solids recovery in the large and growing markets of desalination brine discharge, industrial wastewater treatment and mineral commodity recovery.

The company has created patented processing technologies and aims to be the global leader in the recovery of distilled water and valuable mineral by-products from liquid waste streams.

The Phoenix Water Technology (PWT) is a clean, green and economic solution which uses low temperature waste heat and/or renewable energy sources to process hyper-saline brines and industrial wastewaters leaving zero liquid waste on-site.

Phoenix Water has started execution of an aggressive 24-month technology, business development and commercialisation plan focusing on:

  1. Late-stage development and optimisation of proven, low-temperature thermal distillation plants.
  2. Leveraging existing business and technical relationships across Australia, Asia, Middle East, North/South America and Southern Africa.

The initial market focus will be for water and minerals recovery, industrial wastewater and desalination brine discharge treatment; delivering Australian EPA “Class A” distilled water, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and commercial, Selective Solids Harvesting (SSH).